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Chauffeur Car Rent Services Fro Vacation Trip

Post ByShahzad    11-18-18

When someone decide or make a plan to go for vacation it means they decided to take some time from their busy life schedule. After interview of many people regarding why they go for vacation? It conclude that they want to relax and they want to be stress free and just want to make a fun. When people make a plan and they decided to go for vacation the first thing they need is to find someone who pick them from their location and take them at the decided vacation place. At this stage few alternatives comes into mind, either find public transport service? Ask a friend to drop you at your desired location? Take private vehicle from Rent a c...       Read More

Rent a Car For Eid Holidays

Post ByRaheel    11-18-18

In Pakistan Large Number of People come From Rural areas to urban areas to earn income and send these money to their hometown.  The major cities of Pakistan Like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, provides the job opportunities to many rural areas residents.

When their large holidays come specially eid Days the large number of people prefer to spend their holidays with their family in their home town. This large people movement increase pressure and increase demand of transportation. This Provide the great opportunity to Transport Indust...       Read More

Cost of Hiace For your Northern Trip

Post ByFaheem    11-18-18

This article is writing after the request of many customers and dealing with large number of Query about what will be our cost of Renting a Van For our Northern area Trip. I am writing this article after detail analysis of our past trips to northern areas and in the light of actual costing data which we record during our Trips to northern area from last 3 Months.

After public discussion people complain that car rental company many time provide wrong budgeted figure for our Trip to northern area, when we compare it with actual there is ...       Read More



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