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Shandoor Polo Festival 2018

Post ByRaheel    05-22-18

One of the famous Polo Festival of balawaristan, Pakistan which organized every year In the month of July on Shandhur Top in chitral, its name as Shandoor polo Festival. Number of tourist come across the world and local area people for this festival which played between the teams of Chitrall and Gilgit baldistan. Shandur pass is located in district of chitral, its top is flat

It is said that the initiation of polo game in shandhoor is credited to british administration for northern areas, British administration representative Mr cobb ordered for the construction of polo ground in the year 1935. The person to whom the duty was assign for the construction of this amazing polo ground, He performed his duty properly and in return cobb give him reward according to his desire to bring Trout from England and dropped it into river of Ghaizer. These efforts take part in provide employment to thousands of people by establishing Directorate of fishers, Every year thousands of tourist visit this beautiful polo festival and boost the local economy of this area.

Shandhur Polo Festival will be organized 27-31 July 2018, the festival will also include Folk Music, Folk Dance, Tranditional sports,

Now I want to draw your intension at the history of polo game. It was introduced in south Asia in 13th century. There are Six player at each side, this is a game of one hour with 10 Mint break. It is said that the first tournament is took place at shandhur in year 1936.

Anyone who goes for attending this polo festival camp village, and open restaurants easily available people come from chitrall and pishawar and offer traditional things at staals.  You can go this place by air from Islamabad Direct Flights. Many Travel companies arrange Trips for shandhur Festivals within reasonable package that include everything Like Food, Residence, Travelling. If you have company of friends of have large family memember then you can take car rent service facility and manage your food and residence by yourself. Arranging Transport by yourself like taking car rent service and arranging food and residence will be cheaper then visiting with travel agent because it eliminate travel agent profit.

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