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Fuel Policy for Rent a car in Lahore

Post ByAnjum    11-18-18

There are a lot of things when you take car at rent, the first one is whether you purchase the best insurance cover, is you need to take Driver with car? the most important thing what will be fuel policy. Rent a car in Lahore companies has different policies,In my personal observation the companies charge more than actual fuel consumed. The may quote you low car rent but will adjust this in fuel policy. In this article I am going to explain different fuel policies which are commonly adopted by car rental companies

  1. Get the full and Return the Full

Car Rental companies most commonly provide you Car With full of fuel tank and when you return vehicle you provide them with full of fuel tank. This option is good if you have long journey. But if you travel few Km then this option is not suitable for you.

  1. Charge Per Km

For the customer acquisition this is the most common method. Companies normally offer low car rent rate and increase Per Km Rate. This Per km rates normally calculate considering probability of worst cases of fuel consumption like in Fuel consumption rate in traffic jam, Fuel consumption rate when vehicle start for two to three hour e.t.c

  1. Empty Tank

Sometime companies provide car with empty tank, and you return them in empty tank. This option is good when you want to take a long Driver or have your expected Travel Km and inject the fuel in car by considering your expected Km Travel. One thing which is most important that should be consider the Expected Km cost vary on jour area of Travel for Example if you go for long drive on highway then vehicle will give good fuel consumption and if you travel within city then it will give low fuel consumption.

By reading above mentioned point I hop you can make better decision which option you should to choose when you take car rent service in lahore

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