Coronavirus tips for your safe travelling

The COVID-19 put a large impact on all business of the world, Covd-19 affected to travel industry of the world having value of $8.72 trillion. Total number of cases in the world and its growth rate create an alarming situation, now people hesitate to travel but some people required travel for their essential service work. In this article we are going to describe some safety tips you need to know and follow for your safe domestic travel.

Coronavirus tips for safe travelling
  • Don’t use Public Transport

The first most important precaution of corona virus is to keep social distance, and avoid to visit places where too many people visit. So don’t use public transport, use your personal car to pick someone from airport or for your personal work travelling and the second option is to take rent a car, wear mask and make sure that car rental company following CDC guidelines.

  • Wear a face mask 

When you go out, wear face mask which cover your nose and mouth. If you not have symptoms of coronavirus there is the chance of having virus so to protect other CDC recommends to wear a mask.

  • Use online platform for your tickets and booking

To make sure keep the social distance use online platform for your ticket booking/Hotel booking/ rent a car booking etc. so when you go to airport and waiting for boarding keep a distance of about 6 feet from other travelers.

  • Use sanitizer and wash your hands

When you travel in your personal car or taking car rent service use sanitizer at your hands and after every two hours find rest area and wash your hand at least 20 second with soap. If you travelling by plan and after check inn find wash room and wash your hands with soap if soap is not available, use hand sanitizer many airports make sanitizer station. Instead of finding wash rooms and sanitizer stations we suggest to keep a sanitizer bottle with you when you go out for travelling.

  • Bring your food and drink from your home

Airline stop to providing foods in airline during this covid-19 and restaurant start to make home delivery and take away service. So when you go out for travelling, it is suggesting to avoid take food from restaurants take away service, bring your food and drink from your home. Some important measures.

  • Some important measures

As we mentioned this virus spread due to not maintaining social distance, this virus spread when infected person talk, sneezes between peoples so it is important to keep distance and don’t touch your face mouth when you are in travelling and out of your home for essential work so make sure is your hand properly washed 20 second with soap, when you want to eat or want to touch your face. When you have flue and bad thought and fever avoid travelling and keep yourself in to home until you don’t recover. Change your cloth on daily basis and take a bath two time a day it is imported not only for your safety but also for your love ones.