Important things you need to know about shah Faisal Masjid Pakistan

Shah Faisal masjid pakistan is one of the largest masjid of Pakistan, it has the title of National masjid of pakistan.  It is situated at the starting point of Margalla Hills. Up to the year 1993 Shah Faisal masjid Islamabad pakistan has the title of “first largest masjid of the world”. Now it is the 4th largest masjid of the world. Following are the important information about the masjid

Total Cost
$ 120 Million
Gifted ByKing Faisal
No of Persons can pray at a time300,000
Designed ByTurkish Architects
Year of Construction1976-1986
No of Minars4
Area of Masjid54000 (Sqft) or 46 Acr Land

All tourists are welcome to visit, but Non-Muslims are required to not visit during prayer time and at Friday. Women’s are required to enter in masjid by wearing Abaya or at least wear a scarf before entering in to masjid. It is safe and peaceful place to visit their fore School trips comes from Islamabad and small cities around the Islamabad to visit shah faisal masjid pakistan. There is large vehicle parking space is available and masjid management make a great parking arrangements. At the entrance of masjid shoes boxes are available and management deployed staff to take shoes from visitors and give them token and when they return they can take their shoes by presenting provided token.

Tourists who comes across the different cities of Pakistan like Lahore/Faisalabad/Multan e.t.c for northern areas of Pakistan, most of their trip plan includes visiting of shah faisal masjid Islamabad. It is seems that people from different cities of Pakistan just comes for one day trip in Islamabad to visit shah faisal msjid.  BY standing in the yard of Masjid you can take a beautiful view of Margalla Hills.

Transport for local residents

  • You can take public transport Buss service at 08th avenue