5 Things You need to Know About GT Road

GT Road stand for “Grand Trunk Road” is one of the Asia longest road. When you see at pakistan map N5 indicates GT road pakistan.  It has age of more than 2500 years.  It is about 3670 Km Long. It joins the central Asia with subcontinent starting from kalkata inda and by passing through Bangladaish, Dehli, Amritsar, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and linked to Kabul Afghanistan.

GT Road (N 5) in Pakistan Link Lahore with Islamabad by passing through Gujranwala/Gujrat/Lala Musa/Kharian/Dina/jehlum/Gujar khan. It is about 320 Km long.  Alternative road Lahore/Islamabad motorway has total distance of 390 Km. you can save 70 km when you travel by GT Road and it has less tool taxes as compare to motorway. So travelling by GT Road is most economical, People prefer to travel at motorway because it has less tools and it is fast road.

GT Road (N5) from Islamabad to Peshawar is about 180 Km passing through karma/Noshera, after the construction of Islamabad/Peshawar motorway traffic load has been reduced from N5. The interesting thig is that the total distance is same 180 km even you travel by motorway or by GT Road.

GT Road (N5) in Pakistan complete at Torkham (Pakistan/Afghanistan Boarder) and its distance from Peshawar is about 53 Km. GT Road ends at Kabul and its distance from Torkham (Pakistan/Afghanistan boarder is 231 Km)

GT Road in Pakistan is about 553 Km long and it has 15% portion in Pakistan. Afghanistan has only 6% Portion of total length of GT Road.

Mostly Logistic transport moves at GT Rod to provide the supply of goods to small cities and town around the road. Pakistan and Afghanistan trade is done by this GT road.