5 Attractive Places to Visit In Islamabad

Islamabad one of the beautiful cities of Pakistan and the second most beautiful capital of the world that is known for its natural beauty in the world. If you’re looking for places to visit in Islamabad, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 attractive places to visit in Islamabad. The presence of natural forests, several parks including Shakarparian Park and Margalla Hills National Park makes this city home of landmarks. 

Know more about (City of Peace) Islamabad

The name of this city was chosen to reflect the great ideology of on which the base of Pakistan was laid. Now it is the home to many diplomats and government officials. Its calm, quiet and peaceful environment attracts thousands of visitors every month. It is also becoming the hub of many universities and business brands. In 1960, the capital of Pakistan was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad. 

Best & Recommended Places to Visit in Islamabad

When it comes to visiting some attractive places in Islamabad, you may have many options. In this article, we shall mention and discuss only 5 beautiful places to visit in Islamabad. So here list begins.

Faisal Masjid

This mosque is located in the north end of Faisal Avenue next to Pakistan International Islamic University and surrounded by Margalla Hills. Faisal Mosque is the national mosque of Pakistan and one of the largest mosques of the world. The motivation for this mosque began in 1966 when a Saudi king Faisal was on the official visit of Pakistan. Its completion was done in 1986. The total cost to build this mosque was $120 million at that time. 

It remained the biggest mosque in the world from 1986 to 1993. Now it is the fourth largest mosque of the world in terms of capacity. This amazingly built mosque has become a significant tourist attraction in Pakistan. Its unique and magnificent look with strong Islamic culture characteristics attracts thousands of visitors.

Lok Virsa

It is a heritage and cultural museum located at the Shakarparian Road. This historical museum reflects the culture of Pakistan and pays tribute to living traditions of Pakistan. In 1974, this museum opened its doors for the first time for the public. 

There is a visual display of pottery, music, pictures, and statues fo different ethnic groups of Pakistan. Its vast library has an excellent collection of books on different traditions, cultures, ethnicities, folklore, and history. There are several buildings and outdoor museum that can accommodate almost 3000 visitors at a time. The objective of this museum is to improve knowledge and understanding of different aspects and strengthen the Pakistani culture. 

Saidpur Village

This fantastic model village is located in a valley of Margalla Hills, near Daman-e-Koh park. It is included in top places to visit in Islamabad due to its natural beauty.

According to THE NEWS, this village reflects the history and religious heritages of three eras. It is one of the oldest villages of Pakistan that has a deep history of almost 500 years. Now the front part of this village is populated with tourist, and there are a lot of restaurants. 

The Pakistani government is making this village modern by establishing a variety of restaurants and eateries. If you want to spend a good time at a place that is surrounded by greenery, then this place is recommended for you. 

The Centaurus 

The Centaurus Mall is real estate development in the city of Islamabad. Three skyscrapers contain corporate offices, cinemas, play area, well-known brands and food court. There are 26 floors in this astonishing mall. 

There are a lot of entertainment places in this mall, like cinemas and games centers. Fun City is an ideal play point for the people of all the ages. The food court has a lot of international food chains that make it a perfect place to visit. 

Daman-e-Koh Park

Daman-e-Koh is the picnic and viewpoint of Seventh Avenue, Rawal Lake, and Faisal Mosque at the top of Islamabad. It is located at the top of Margalla Hills about the height of 3600ft. It offers a panoramic view of Islamabad. It is included in one of the most visited and popular destinations for local and international visitors. 

So these were the best and most visited places to visit in Islamabad. There are a lot of other things to do in Islamabad. If you ever happen to visit Islamabad, then must visit these wondrous places. 

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