Tips for tour of Nortern areas of pakistan in winter

Visit Northern area we decided in January, people told us the only who had insanity to drive in Northern area in winter can drive. However, road trip up to shogran was great in January. Northern areas of pakistan is a tough winter, but beautiful. Continue reading More Travel Tips in Northern areas of pakistan, if you want to make adventure in this winter season of Driving at snow.Winter season is magical. Visiting Ice Caves at roads, which only forms in the winter season, was one of the best scene which we seen during our trip . Similarly, we were able to save money on accommodation at Shogran and manshera, explore Shogran without crowds.

Winter season is magical. Visiting Ice Caves at roads, which only forms in the winter season, was one of the best scene which we seen during our trip . Similarly, we were able to save money on accommodation at Shogran and manshera, explore Shogran without crowds. Having a car is helpful because many tours, including an adventure trip provider companies in Northern areas, charge extra for transportation with their price. You can save money by meeting with those adventure tour providers who have their own fleet of transportation.If you are not experienced Driver to drive car at snow then I suggest hire 4WD vehicle, because driving 4wd vehicle give you more control over vehicleIn winter season no one can drive fast because of low visibility, snowstorm and limited daylightTracking and hiking in winter season is dangerous due to snowstorm. In case of any accident finding hospital is difficult because in northern areas there is not proper safety services offer by governmentWeather at northern areas in winter can be very bad. Day light hours are from 07:00 am to 05:00 Pm and snow storms reduce visibility to almost at zero level, sometime roads block due to snowfall so you should not to take risk to drive after shogran If you don’t have 4wd vehicle then I prefer rent manual vehicle not automatic because by keeping vehicle in gares you can have good  control on your vehicle speed .Don’t try to drive too long. Make your stops at different places like at any CNG Station of Fuel station for coffee.There is not any requirement to book in advance your accommodation like summer season. Accommodation is easily available in winter season the room which the hotel owners offer at Rs 10,000 in Summer season it available at Rs 2000 in winter seasonI recommend to take car rent service with driver from car rental company because they have professional drivers and they have the familiarity of areas which you want to visit in case of any problem they can guide you well. People mostly find and consider rent a car in Islamabad for their northern area trip because this area is most close to northern areas of Pakistan.










Most Expensive Car Rental Mistakes

Before the arrival of summer/Winter many people start planning of spending summer/Winter vacation, now the winter holidays are near to come. Whether you are planning to spend winter holiday within Pakistan or outside the Pakistan avoid major car hiring mistakes which most people do due to lack of car hiring experience. whether you are finding rent a car in lahore or finding rent a car in islamabad following measures will help you to take good decision.

  1. Not Get the complete Price from car rental company

Car rental companies offer attractive price to gain customers and when you get service they include different type of service cost in final invoice. For example they may include cost for example Chield Seat Charges,Extra Millage Travel Charges,Car Insurance Charges e.t.c So be careful and get the full price without any hidden cost from car rental company.

  • Not Carefully read car rental contrack

I see many people they hesitate to ask questions while they hiring car. You need to read carefully car rental contract and read company policy about fuel,Insurance,Drvier,breakdown policy all terms and conditions should be clear to you otherwise it cause problem for you when you will be going to pay final bill or may disturb you during your holiday Trip

  • Not get Car Rental Damage Checklist

Make the video of car with Car Rental company Representative and get the Damages Check list from car rental company representative person with signatures and time and spot of handover and when you return car then handover car to car rental representative by given damaged checklists, in this case the car rental company cannot place unnecessary damages on you and no any dispute will arise between you and car rental company

  • Not Tell your area of Travel in Advance

Tell in written the area of your travelling. For Example, if you plan to spend your summer holiday in Muree then tell everything that you will go to which place in muree, Car Rental companies charges extra charges if you move to Natiagali or abotabad. Car rental companies installed trackers in their vehicle so tell them in advance the area of your travel otherwise your vehicle will automatically lock at the road if you exceed decided area limit that may cause any accident with your vehicle and it will waste your time to reopen vehicle.

  • Not Check Vehicle Tire Quality check report

Travelling with bad condition tires is your life risk, when taking vehicle at rent check all rented vehicle documents from car rental company specially vehicle tire quality check report. That report contains the information like the Total life of tire, Km travelled, how much km allowed.

Not See Available offices of car rental company in Different localtions

when you have to move different areas of pakistan like you coming from abroad and you have to visit Like Faisalabad,Gujrat,Multan,Islamabad and you take one cab at rent from lahore to visit all major cities of pakistan so in case of any break down of vehicle what would be alternative support provide by car renatl company? if your selected car rental company has offices in different cities of pakistan then the will quickly replace your vehicle other wise you have to face problem of delay in getting support service

How to calculate cost for northern area trip for summer holidays 2019

This article is writing after the request of many customers and dealing with large number of Query about what will be our cost of Renting a Van from rent a car lahore company for our Northern area Trip. I am writing this article after detail analysis of our past trips to northern areas and in the light of actual costing data which we record during our Trips to northern area from last 3 Months. Now you can find the answer how to calculate cost for northern area trip for summer holiday 2019

After public discussion people complain that car rental company many time provide wrong budgeted figure for our Trip to northern area, when we compare it with actual there is large difference.

I want to give answer of above question that is “providing wrong budgeted figure” . First thing we need to understand what is the basis upon which this budgeted figure is constructed and second the Division of budgeted Figures for Example

% of Vehicle Rent

% of Fuel Cost

% of Driver Food

% of Tool Tax

When we get this detail for car rent service provider company you will be better understand where the actual difference occurs. Vehicle Rent, Driver Food and Residence is the fixed cost, Fuel cost and Tool tax cost is variable cost

Two variable costs Fuel cost and tool tax costs are the main reason of variance.

Car Rental company calculate Fuel Cost by considering vehicle average per litr, Actual Fuel cost, No of Km Travel. For example if Fuel cost is Rs 95 Per liter then per Km Cost of Hiace van Will be (95/6=Rs 16 Per Litter) and Total For your 1500 km Travel Rs 24000

Rent a car Lahore company will give you cost Rs 24000 by considering Fuel cost Rs 95 Per liter. But when you go to naran or cross Naran the fuel cost is totally different our historical data shows that our vehicle get Fuel at these areas at Rs 140, 150,160 Per Liter due to this difference in prices your actual cost differ largely with provided budgeted figure. Rent a car in lahroe

How to take Luxury Rent a car

Taking Luxury Rent a car in Lahore is fun and exciting. Everyone has a great desire to have a beautiful luxury car for their important events like for their wedding ceremony, or to attend any party of his best friend, or to attend corporate meetings. Before selecting rent a car company for your luxury transport you need to consider below mentioned important points which help to select best luxury car from best car rental company.

Get the list of available cars from car rental company with their price, By getting list with price you will be able to short list vehicles which are in your budget.

Ask question about driver ensure that he should be experienced and well trained second thing he should be familiar with the ways and roads of the city. Ask question about Driver training policy from car Rental Company 

Ask about hidden charges like Overtime charges, Driver food or residence, or any hidden taxes to avoided any inconvenience in future 

Get the expected fuel consumption average of luxury vehicle, to avoided exceed from your budget 

It is better to select vehicle with insurance and ask whether they give insurance of passengers who travel on these luxury vehicles or ask extra charges of insurance if you take vehicle with insurance policy. With insurance ask from car rental company the insurance partner because the reputable insurance partner company give you insurance claim quickly I hope above mentioned points will help you to make your best luxury car rental decision. If you looking for luxury rent a car in Lahore, then askari cars serve your needs at better price