Important things you need to know about shah Faisal Masjid Pakistan

Shah Faisal masjid pakistan is one of the largest masjid of Pakistan, it has the title of National masjid of pakistan.  It is situated at the starting point of Margalla Hills. Up to the year 1993 Shah Faisal masjid Islamabad pakistan has the title of “first largest masjid of the world”. Now it is the 4th largest masjid of the world. Following are the important information about the masjid

Total Cost
$ 120 Million
Gifted ByKing Faisal
No of Persons can pray at a time300,000
Designed ByTurkish Architects
Year of Construction1976-1986
No of Minars4
Area of Masjid54000 (Sqft) or 46 Acr Land

All tourists are welcome to visit, but Non-Muslims are required to not visit during prayer time and at Friday. Women’s are required to enter in masjid by wearing Abaya or at least wear a scarf before entering in to masjid. It is safe and peaceful place to visit their fore School trips comes from Islamabad and small cities around the Islamabad to visit shah faisal masjid pakistan. There is large vehicle parking space is available and masjid management make a great parking arrangements. At the entrance of masjid shoes boxes are available and management deployed staff to take shoes from visitors and give them token and when they return they can take their shoes by presenting provided token.

Tourists who comes across the different cities of Pakistan like Lahore/Faisalabad/Multan e.t.c for northern areas of Pakistan, most of their trip plan includes visiting of shah faisal masjid Islamabad. It is seems that people from different cities of Pakistan just comes for one day trip in Islamabad to visit shah faisal msjid.  BY standing in the yard of Masjid you can take a beautiful view of Margalla Hills.

Transport for local residents

  • You can take public transport Buss service at 08th avenue

5 Most important Car rental tips for your cheap travelling

Those who did not take rent a car service before, they hesitate to take rent a car service. It is observed that people has fear of loss, people comment that car rental is stressful and our friends share their bad experience with us that’s why we have confusions regarding rent a car service.  In this article we pin down this issue that car rental is not expensive and will not end up with loss if take it with properly with reading all guidelines. If you follow mentioned guide line and car rental tips, we assure that your car rental experience will end up with profit and you will be able to argue those who create a loss in car rental arrangements and agreements.

1) Make your booking in advance and get discount

The first car rental tip is,Like your other travelling arrangements for example ticket booking, Hotel booking, save your money by book rent a car in advance and get discount. It seems that people book their rent a car 1 day before and they deprived from discount offers. When you book car on time especially when you arrive at airport then car rent company will offer you only available cars at that time. Economical/quality cars peoples reserve in advance.

2) Confirm Duty timing and One-day Start and end timing with driver

the second most important car rental tip Read terms regarding driver duty timing, overtime charges, Night allowance (if vehicle return late night), at what time a day starts and at what time a day ends to avoid extra time or day charges. Normally rent a car companies in Lahore offer duty Timing 12 Hr, in Karachi 10 Hrs and their one day close at 12:00 mid night. Askari rent a car charge Half day charges if a car closes before 06:00 am and after 12:00 mid night.

3) How many km are allowed?

You need to know how many km you are allowed for your travel and what are the extra charges if you exceed your allowed limit. Askari rent a car offers unlimited Km within city travel, for outstation they charge Rs 1.5 per km extra.

4) Fuel Policy and hidden charges

Read carefully fuel policy, we recommending you get the full fuel tank and return vehicle with full of fuel tank that will be economical to you. If you do not select full fuel tank policy, then Car rental company will charge you on per km basis or some time they will charge with you as vehicle refueling charges. And get the declaration from car rental companies that there will not any hidden charges.

5) Driver outstation allowance and night allowance

The last car rental tip is If you have any outstation travelling in your plans select rent a car which has multiple offices in different cities that will save driver outstation residence charges. Askari rent a car has its one office in Islamabad and two offices in Lahore Pakistan. Read all outstation allowance and night charges that will help you to keep you in budget.

Best Lahori Nashta in Lahore during lockdown

When you are discussing about culture of city “Lahore”, your discussion will not complete until you do not include Lahori food it. Do you live in Lahore? if yes then you definitely know the famous food brands in Lahore and famous lahori nashta brands. Those who do not live in Lahore and visit Lahore for their business trip or leisure trip, they do not return without enjoying delicious Lahori food.

Businesses of all over the world has largely affected due to covid-19. Same like rent a car industry, hospitality industry, Covid-19 put a large impact on food industry of Lahore.

After relaxation in lock down and during smart lock down, government allows to all restaurants to provide take away service. “Now you can enjoy delicious Lahori nashta, but take it to your home and enjoy with your family”

  1. Anda Chane

I remember the time when “GOGA NAQIBA” was the famous brand in Lahore for Anda Chanee. People from different areas of Lahore went to model town Goga naqibia branch for Lahori nashta. Now the things have changed, compaction has increased and many restaurants provided taste which Lahoreites wants. Mujadadi Murgh Chan(Harbanspura), AFE Foods (Batta pur), Ashiq channa (Sadar Cantt), jheela but chane.

2) Halwa puri

Puri with halwa, chane and Achar, combination of these three make an extra ordinary taste and it is a delicious lahori nashta. There are number of famous brands in lahroe for halwa puri. Kasuri foods (Sadar Cantt), Zaffar halwa puri (New anar kali).

But, but…… you can enjoy its original taste only when you eat it fresh by sitting at the restaurant, which is not possible during this covid-19 period.

3) Kachori

Kachori……? You are thinking we eat it in ramzan at aftar time, but lahoreits love to eat chicken kachori in lahori nashta. All halwa puri famous brands has Chicken kachori in their nashta items. Kasuri foods (Sadar cant) is famous due to its kachori.

4) Nehari

Nehari with nan is one of the famous dasi lahori nashta, In Witner lahoreits prefer nehari in their lahori nashta. Mohamdi Nehari (Mazang), Waris Nehari, Haji sahib nehari (Jail road). All these famous brands provide take away service during in Covid-19 and smart lockdown.

5) Lahori Paey

Everyone knows “Phaja paey” is the oldest and famous brand in Lahore but as competition increase different restaurants develop their taste which Lahoreits want. There are number of famous brands in Lahore like Haneef pay (Mazang), Ahmad Siri paeey (Batta pur Jaloo), Haidri Paeey (Dharampura), these are famous due to their taste and quality.

Different people has different taste some people like on famous brand and some other do not like same famous brand, so we cannot say which famous brand will match with your taste, you should to taste each brand and give your rating accordingly. You can use your personal vehicle or take rent a car to buy your lahori nashta from above famous brands but you need to follow all safety measure like Wear Mask, gloves when you go for buy your Nashta. You can also order to food panda and make online lahori nashta order if you do not want to make your personal visit.

Is petrol price and shortage going to increase in july-2020?

As the month of june-2020 going to an end, and whisper has been start among the people that will petrol price and shortage in pakistan same in july-2020?

Due to increase in oil prices in international market, fuel price in Pakistan from july-2020 will increase. There is 100% increase in crude oil prices in international market from the last month two month. two months before it was trading at $19.9 and currently it is trading at $40 per barrel.Experts make prediction that increase in fuel price will be between Rs 5 per ltr to Rs 8 per Ltr.

Oil Shortage in Lahore Pakistan

There is still shortage of oil in Lahore and large queues seen at petrol Pumps and they were giving fuel of amount maximum Rs 500, and many pumps are closed due to not availability of fuel supply.

Petroleum product dealers saying that there is a chance of further shortage of oil from next month due to increase in oil price and it will get worse if authority fail to take any action against oil marketing companies.

According to petroleum dealer association of Pakistan secretary general Khawaja atif said Lahore is getting 40% fuel supply and large portion of it providing by PSO. (express tribune)

Impact on transport industry

Three factors, shortage of supply, increase in fuel price and covid-19 put a large impact on fares of public and private transport. This increasing in transportation cost of goods and services will lead to increase the prices of goods and service in the economy that’s result will increase inflation rate in the economy.