How to Drive an Automatic Car?

Cars have got great importance in our lives. In today’s fast-paced life, having a car has become compulsory. Some people buy cars for needs, and some buy for fulfilling the passion that has developed in them since childhood. If you’re looking for information related to driving automatic cars, then you’ve reached the exact place. We will discuss the significance of automatic cars and the way how to operate them correctly. 

What are automatic cars?

There are different definitions of automatic cars available; however, a car in which the driver doesn’t require to shift gears manually under normal conditions is perfect for automatic cars. The first automatic transmission introduced in 1904 was called a horseless carriage gearbox. In these automatic cars, a torque converter handles shifting gears that are disconnected from the engine temporarily. Automatic cars have two pedals; however, manual cars have three pedals called a clutch pedal that is usually smaller than the brake pedals. 

Advantages of Automatic Cars!

When it comes to counting the benefits of Automatic Cars, we have a long list. Nevertheless, here, we will mention some of the most useful and advanced benefits of these cars that a person can enjoy by purchasing an automatic vehicle. 

Automatic cars have a shifter that lets drivers choose between reverse, drive, neutral, park, and drive. When you’re driving an automatic car, you have great control over gears that can genuinely help you manage when you’re driving on challenging roads. 

How Can a Person Drive an Automatic Car Effectively?

As the name suggests, automatic cars are easy to drive, and there is no need to make an effort to drive these cars. There are four positions of automatic cars in which Reverse, Drive, Neutral, and Park are included. 

Here are some tips with which you can quickly drive an automatic car

There is no clutch present in automatic cars, and that’s the significant difference between manual and automatic cars. It means there is only a brake and an accelerator available. So forget about the clutch as an automatic car mostly handles gears itself. 

Your primary focus should be on the gearstick. The reason behind this is that you will have to handle most of the work with this fantastic gearstick. On this gearstick, there are four primary gears available. believe

P-Park: In this condition, all the gears are locked, which means you can’t move the car as the wheels don’t turn. So you should only start the car when it is in the Park condition. 

R-Reverse: R is used for reversing the car. You can use this gear when you wish your car in backward. When you switch your car to reverse, there will be no need to press the accelerator as the creep function will offer enough speed to the car.

N-Neutral: You can switch to neutral when there is no need to move your car. For example, when you stop for a couple of seconds for the traffic light, you can use this gear. However, always make sure the handle brake you couldn’t roll out easily. 

D-Drive: D gear is used when you want to move your car forward. Place your right foot on the brake and switch the car on. Shift your gear into D and release your foot on the brake slowly. Now gently press on the accelerator, and your car will move forward slowly. An automatic car will shift the gears automatically when you increase the speed of the vehicle. 

Other gears are available apart from these gears, like “1” signifying first gear and “2” signifying second gear. In conclusion, there is only one thing that can make you master driving an automatic car, and that is practice. The more practice you will do, the more early you will be able to drive the car. 

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Adventurous One Day Trip to Kalar Kahar And Soon Valley

Pakistan is blessed with the beautiful treasure of naturally beautiful spots that attract thousands of tourists to explore these beautiful valleys every year. Here we would love to take you on a fantastic journey of one of the most beautiful destinations in the province of Punjab, The Kalar kahar and the Soon Valley.

Kalar Kahar is situated in the heart of Chakwal district, while the Soon valley is located in Khushab district of Central Punjab. Every year approximately 100 to 1000 tourists come to visit these spectacular valleys. If you want to make the maximum joy out of one day trip, this tour is your perfect choice. We can move towards this journey from the M2 motorway, Kalar kahar valley is about 247.2 kilometers from Lahore on M2 motorway and 130.5 Kilometers from Islamabad. 

These picturesque valleys are famously known for their unique historical places, beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking migratory birds point in winter, antique temples, spiritual shrines, heart-melting green gardens, lakes and ponds. These things offer a perfect tour package with very affordable prices, for spending a memorable trip there with your families and friends. 

Frequent users of the Lahore-Islamabad motorway might have visited these beautiful spots.

Still, we want these beautiful valleys to be seen by every person who is fond of exploring and travelling, so let’s start our journey towards these beautiful valleys with every detail, a person needs to know before they visit them.

The Scenic Beauty of Kalar Kahar Valley

Let’s start our journey from the spectacular Valley of Kalar kahar, situated in the heart of the district Chakwal in Punjab. This place somehow makes the mid-point route while travelling from Lahore to Islamabad. Kahar Kalar offers a perfect touring and entertainment package, comprises several worth visiting spots.

I have decided to stay a night at TDCP resort (Tourism Development Corporation Punjab), which is absolutely safe and no less than a 5-star hotel. The hotel is near to Kalar kahar lake, which gives a captivating view. The fresh and soothing breeze of this Valley fills your soul with pleasure and joy. We must appreciate the efforts of TDCP for making this place even more beautiful.

Kalar Kahar lake is one of the most prominent spots of this place; it is a saltwater lake because salt mines are near this lake. You will find that people are enjoying different modes of boating at cheap rates includes motor boating and paddle boating.

There is a playland for the entertainment children in Kahar Kalar valley known as Alibaba Joyland park where children can enjoy this trip at its fullest.

People are warm welcome there, and they love to tell about the goodness of this Valley and sing songs melodically for tourists.

Another exciting thing about Kalar Kahar is the fascinating peacocks roaming here and there while spreading their colourful feathers beautifully. Indeed it is an alluring view to soothe our eyes.

Kalar kahar is also famous for its delicious fruit-bearing trees of bananas, mangoes, apricots, grapes, loquats and pomegranates. It has beautiful green gardens. The most significant thing is Bagh-i-Safa there, which means the Clean Garden, founded by the great Mughal Emperor Zaheeruddin Babur out of his love for nature.

The history of this place is quite impressive, especially for the archaeologists and history students. Takht-e-Baber holds a great value in the history of this place. In 1525, when the 1st Mughal Emperor Zaheeruddin Babur visited kahar Kalar, he loved this place. Hence he ordered his army to build a throne known as “Takht-e-Babri” to discuss his army issues. 

The Fascinating Soon Valley

Soon Valley is an epitome of natural beauty. This Valley is a mesmerizing hub of natural sights, lakes, historical spots, unique temples, lush green cultivated fields, waterfalls and antique villages. This beautiful Valley is situated in the Khushab district of Central Punjab in the town of Naushera. Soon Valley is approximately 111 kilometres away from Kalar kahar, as it is also known as the gateway towards Soon Valley.

If you ever get a golden chance to visit this beautiful Valley, don’t forget to miss out its prominent destinations, including Uchali lake, Dep Shareef, Jahlar lake, Khabeki lake, and Anmb Shareef, Kanhatti Garden, Akrand Fort and Tulhath fort. We would love to make you visit some of these fascinating places of Soon valley.

Manhattan Garden is home to soothing heart waterfalls and lush green views. Manhattan Garden was established by the Britain engineer Sir W Whet Burn in 1933. This beautiful garden has delicious fruit-bearing trees of apricots, pineapples and almonds. This attractive garden has a variety of plant species and migratory birds.

Government is highly concerned with preserving local species of flora and fauna in this area, so it’s our responsibility not to cause any harm to migratory and locals birds there. The spiritual spot of Dep Shareef is considered as the sacred place for the people of Naushera because this place is associated with the Sufi saint Hazrat Siraaj-ud-din Naqshbandi(R.A).

The heart Soothing Uchali Lake

Uchali lake is one of the most attractive and famous places for tourists in Soon valley. It is a saltwater lake and beautifully surrounded by the Sakasar, the highest mountain range of soon Valley. This enchanting lake attracts thousands of precious migratory birds annually from Central Asia. Boating is also available for the enjoyment of tourists. Besides the lake, there are a few camping sites where you can enjoy camping and bone-fire evening with your family.

 Government of Punjab has decided to spend 240 million for the sake of promoting tourism in Soon valley. Being citizens of Pakistan, it’s our core responsibility to preserve these precious natural places’ beauty.

Malam Jabba – A tourist spot For Ice Skiing in Pakistan

Everybody loves snowfall, is it right?And living in a  country that is filled with a plethora of majestic, pretty, and eavesdropping views scenarios is not less than a blessing. People of other countries crave such blessings. So why not take full advantage of it and plan a trip with family or friends? The next thing is to decide the place to visit which is Malam Jabba. Malam Jabba a desire tourism hub is eagerly waiting for you to pay a visit and allure yourselves with its captivating beauty. So why you must visit Malam Jabba in your life? Because of these reasons which are chair lift, Samson resort, weather, zip line, skiing, biryani, picture point, snowfall, and accommodation. Swat, also known as the  Switzerland of Pakistan, and Malam Jabba play a central role in this way.


Malam Jabba is a marvelous hill station located nearly 40km from Saida Sharif, KPK. Kaeokaram mountain is a range that surrounds this fantastic valley. It’s 314km far away from Islamabad. It offers unlimited beautiful scenes to its visitors. Snow skiing is the main reason for its popularity. It is the only resort that is run and managed by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation. The slope of this resort is about 800m. So, if you like snow skiing, then Malam Jabba should be your top priority in Pakistan.


The history of Malam Jabba goes back to 2000 years at the time of Swat rule. It was officially discovered by the government, regarding its skiing history. Later the government started to lose the handle over this skiing resort in 2005 and in 2007 the activities stopped.

Facilities For Lodging:

Malam Jabba is more desired than any other resort in Swat due to its development and natural beauty. All kinds of lodging facilities are available here to resist the tourists from any type of disappointment. Malam Jabba is an outstanding place for spending your summer or winter vacations.


Malam Jabba has all the modern facilities. Malam Jabba is more perfect for skiing as it receives heavy snowfall in winters in winters. Also, the facilities and equipment used are skiing like sticks, skates, sleds, and lifts are easily available to the public. It is recommended that you stay in the resort or wherever you are staying if you foresee rain or a heavy snowfall coming your way and see the weather forecast before heading out.

Ice Skating:

Ice Skating is another very appropriate option that amused you so much and you will love it. If you don’t want to ski then skate freely is the best option in Malam Jabba.


Malam Jabba is awesome due to the variety of offers. Other than skiing and skating you even do trekking among these gigantic mountains.  Malam Jabba offers two trekking trails. One passes through Ghorband valley and Shangle top while the other from Sabonev valley.

Skiing Championship:

If you are still not able to understand the beauty of Malam Jabba then let me tell you about the skiing championships. Even if you do not know how to ski, there will be proper training about it. In the winter season, height and snow lovers from Pakistan and all over the world come to visit this heaven. All the Malan Jabba’s mountains are covered with white snow showing that someone has entered into fairyland or nirvana.

Fun with the snow:

Who does not like to play with snow? Malan Jabba is the ”dream tourist place” in both the summer and winter seasons but when the mountains covered by snow charmed everyone’s heart more. You can build different figures from snow and also throw this snow by making a ball on your beloved one with a killing smile.

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Noor Mahal – A Majestic Place for a Memorable Visit in Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Bahawalpur, also called, The City of Nawabs (Royals), is the 6th largest city in Punjab and 11th largest in Pakistan. The reason behind its name is Nawab Bahawal Khan, who founded this glorious city in 1748. The Nawabs of Bahawalpur left a rich architectural legacy in which there are various magnificent buildings and architectures available. Noor Mahal is one of the glorious and majestic buildings in Bahawalpur. 

If you’re looking for information related to Noor Mahal Bahawalpur or other glorious places to visit in Bahawalpur, then you’ve found the right web page. This full of informative article will discuss the historical significance of Noor Mahal Bahawalpur and other places to visit in Bahawalpur.

Some Famous Places to Visit in Bahawalpur

Abbasi family ruled for more than 200 years in Bahawalpur State until Nawab Sadiq Khan merged this state in 1956 with Pakistan. Pakistan’s socio-economical structure was poor, and Nawab opened his treasures and helped Pakistan at that time. Nawab Sadiq Khan was impressed by the Mughals, and he was known as “Shah Jahan of Bahawalpur” as he constructed various glorious buildings in Noor Mahal Bahawalpur is on the top.

Here are some famous places that you can visit in Bahawalpur. 

  • Noor Mahal
  • Darbar Mahal
  • Gulzar Mahal
  • Derawar Fort
  • Central Library
  • Lal Sohanra National Park
  • The Abbasi Royal Graveyard
  • Tomb of Bibi Jawindi
  • Abbasia Jamia Masjid
  • Head Panjnad
  • Islam Barrage
  • Jalaluldin Surkposh Bukhari

Among all these historical places, Noor Mahal has a great significance that is renowned for its beautiful construction and majestic presence in its original condition.

Know More About Hidden Majestic of Bahawalpur – Noor Mahal

Many of us don’t know about Noor Mahal Bahawalpur due to a lack of knowledge about Pakistan’s tourism potential. This worthy and glorious place, also known as the place of light, is located in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. Its construction was started in 1872 by Nawabs’ of Bahawalpur. Its construction was done according to Italian chateau on neoclassical lines. 

Most people claim that Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan built this mahal for his wife, but she spent only one night here. The reason is that this place has an adjoined graveyard, and she felt uncomfortable and reduced to spend another night in this mahal. So it remained unused most of the time in his era.

State of The Art Architecture

An Englishman state Engineer Mr. Heennan designed the structure of this magnificent building. He started its construction in 1872 and completed it in just three years in 1875. The cost of manufacturing this majestically well-preserved place was 1.2 million rupees at that time. Now its value is estimated 1,442,286,000 rupees. So you can judge how rich and majestic value this building has at now time. Its state of the art architecture attracts visitors and tourists towards itself.

This building is a perfect example of Muslim rulers’ dignity and glory. Its design and architecture is a combination of both Islamic style and sub-continental style. The Islamic style combination you can see in Noor Mahal Bahawalpur’s five beautiful domes. You can judge the sub-continental style with angular elliptical shapes. In 1906, Nawab Bahawal Khan the fifth started the construction of a Mosque in Noor Mahal. According to Aitchison College Mosque, the mosque’s design was made, and the cost was 20,000 at that time.

This magnificent building covers an area of 4140 square meters. There are 32 well-furnished rooms in this building, of which 14 are in the basement. Also, it has five domes and six Fernandes. All the rooms have well-furnished and supreme quality material which Nawab imported from England and Italy. It is also said that come Bahawalpur State coins and map of this building was buried in its foundation for a good omen.

It offers a glorious view from the inside of the building. The whole history of Abbasi family rulers and their biography is printed on the walls of Noor Mahal Bahawalpur in the form of paintings and maps. The crystal chandeliers that are studded with diamond, heavy brocade with pelmets, and premium carpets are also available inside the building. This glorious view mesmerize and shock every visitors and make them proud of their past.

This building was given rent to Pakistan Army in 1971, and in 1997 they turned into bought. Now it is being used as a tourist place, Army’s garrison house, and states’ guest house.

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