How to Drive an Automatic Car?

Cars have got great importance in our lives. In today’s fast-paced life, having a car has become compulsory. Some people buy cars for needs, and some buy for fulfilling the passion that has developed in them since childhood. If you’re looking for information related to driving automatic cars, then you’ve reached the exact place. We will discuss the significance of automatic cars and the way how to operate them correctly. 

What are automatic cars?

There are different definitions of automatic cars available; however, a car in which the driver doesn’t require to shift gears manually under normal conditions is perfect for automatic cars. The first automatic transmission introduced in 1904 was called a horseless carriage gearbox. In these automatic cars, a torque converter handles shifting gears that are disconnected from the engine temporarily. Automatic cars have two pedals; however, manual cars have three pedals called a clutch pedal that is usually smaller than the brake pedals. 

Advantages of Automatic Cars!

When it comes to counting the benefits of Automatic Cars, we have a long list. Nevertheless, here, we will mention some of the most useful and advanced benefits of these cars that a person can enjoy by purchasing an automatic vehicle. 

Automatic cars have a shifter that lets drivers choose between reverse, drive, neutral, park, and drive. When you’re driving an automatic car, you have great control over gears that can genuinely help you manage when you’re driving on challenging roads. 

How Can a Person Drive an Automatic Car Effectively?

As the name suggests, automatic cars are easy to drive, and there is no need to make an effort to drive these cars. There are four positions of automatic cars in which Reverse, Drive, Neutral, and Park are included. 

Here are some tips with which you can quickly drive an automatic car

There is no clutch present in automatic cars, and that’s the significant difference between manual and automatic cars. It means there is only a brake and an accelerator available. So forget about the clutch as an automatic car mostly handles gears itself. 

Your primary focus should be on the gearstick. The reason behind this is that you will have to handle most of the work with this fantastic gearstick. On this gearstick, there are four primary gears available. believe

P-Park: In this condition, all the gears are locked, which means you can’t move the car as the wheels don’t turn. So you should only start the car when it is in the Park condition. 

R-Reverse: R is used for reversing the car. You can use this gear when you wish your car in backward. When you switch your car to reverse, there will be no need to press the accelerator as the creep function will offer enough speed to the car.

N-Neutral: You can switch to neutral when there is no need to move your car. For example, when you stop for a couple of seconds for the traffic light, you can use this gear. However, always make sure the handle brake you couldn’t roll out easily. 

D-Drive: D gear is used when you want to move your car forward. Place your right foot on the brake and switch the car on. Shift your gear into D and release your foot on the brake slowly. Now gently press on the accelerator, and your car will move forward slowly. An automatic car will shift the gears automatically when you increase the speed of the vehicle. 

Other gears are available apart from these gears, like “1” signifying first gear and “2” signifying second gear. In conclusion, there is only one thing that can make you master driving an automatic car, and that is practice. The more practice you will do, the more early you will be able to drive the car. 

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How to Enhance Driving Skill?

Do you want to improve or enhance your driving skills? Are you looking for some valuable tips that can help you drive safely on the road? If yes, then this article is written for you. Keep reading till last to get the most useful information related to driving skills.

What are driving skills?

 Actually, driving skills are some characteristics that help a person to drive any type of vehicle in any situation on any type of road. It involves interacting with others, strongly obeying traffic rules, and accurately navigate to the destination.

Here are some essential driving skills that everyone should know

– Concentration

– Customer service

– Problem-solving ability

– Navigation information

– Detail-oriented

– Strong driving record

– Physical fitness and strength

– Basic maintenance knowledge

– Understanding of safety regulations and traffic laws

Here are some tips that you can utilize to improve your driving skills!

–          Learn Basics

Learning the basics of diving is an essential key to improve driving skills. When a person intends to learn to drive a car, there are a lot of things that he should keep in his mind. Getting familiar with the car, what to do after accidents, and utilizing emergency kit are essential. First of all, get into the car and fastened your seat belt. Put the key inside the ignition and start the car. Put your foot on the clutch and press it and take the first gear. Now slowly move the car. These are some basics that everyone should know.

–          Take a Driving Course

If you’re really looking to enhance your driving skills, then taking a driving course can be a helpful thing in this matter. Many companies are offering driving courses online; you can avail of this facility. These courses also help you in getting a driving license and solving their tricky questions.

–          Avoid Distractions

Distraction is a thing that can lead you towards a severe accident. According to experts, nearly 20% to 30% of the world’s accidents are caused by distractions. Mostly the reason for distraction while driving a car is a cell phone. However, this is easily avoidable; you can use a Bluetooth device or hands-free. Other causes of distractions are talking to passengers, handling children or pets, adjusting audio, eating or drinking, losing thoughts, etc. Avoid these distractions if you’re concerned about improving your driving skills.

– Don’t Drive When You’re Tired

Driving in tired or fatigue conditions can be risky and can cause a severe accident on the road. It is not only dangerous for you but also for others around you. One-third of drivers have actually fallen asleep while driving the car. Driving when you are tired is the same as that driving with taking alcohol or drugs. 17% of crashes around the world are caused due to a sleepy driver. So a tired driver becomes more dangerous than a drunk driver.

–          Be a Defensive Driver

Defensive drivers are successful drivers in today’s highly vehicle populated world. There are different types of drivers on the road; some are aggressive, and some are polite. Defensive driving is a technique that involves tricks that help a driver avoid dangers on the road. A good defensive driver is well aware of what goes around him. So be a defensive driver and learn the skills to protect yourself on the road.

–          Follow the Laws

Following the laws is the key to be successful and a good driver who prioritizes safety. Driving to right, slow traffic goes on the right side, staying when the light is red, maintaining the safe distance, child safety laws, and knowing the speed limits are some basic laws that a good driver should be well aware of them.

–          Practice, Practice, and Practice

The practice is the rule of learning anything with great expertise. Same in driving, practice is the critical thing to become a good driver and enhance driving skills accurately. It is a common saying that practice makes a man what he wants to be. In this matter, some video games, namely simulation games, can help you in this matter. Practice in vast empty spaces near your home and keep doing practice until you become a successful driver.

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How To Select Luxury Rent A Car For Your Memorable Wedding

A wedding is one of the memorable, pleasurable and most important and days of a person’s life. It is the beginning of the family and long life commitment. Every couple wants to make their wedding special, memorable, and full of fun. In this occurring, the importance of a wedding car can’t be denied. If you’re looking for luxury rent a car for your big day, then you’re at the right place. We at Askari Cars almost deal in all types of vehicles to our valuable customers. 

Significance of car for every bride

A wedding day is the most beautiful day in someone’s life. Everyone wants their wedding day should be memorable for years to come. No one wants their wedding day as a dull and tiresome day. That’s why everyone tries a lot to make it happy and full of fun. The wedding car’s role in the personality of the groom can’t be denied. A luxury rent car services providing company provides a vast range of vehicles like TOYOTA, CIVIC, BMW, MERCEDES, and much more. 

What measures do you need to take selecting luxury rent a car? 

When selecting a luxury rent a car, there are a lot of factors. The quality of a car matters a lot. No one wants any disturbance during their way due to the vehicle. So the car rental services should be flawless. 

Here are some factors that you should consider for selecting rent a car for your wedding. 

Choice of wedding car

After deciding venues and other accommodations, searching for car rental services might be hectic. Before planning, you move towards car rental services providers and finalize your car choice for your big day. For example, if you want a vintage car or classic car, then look for vintage car rental services providers. But if you wish to modern luxury cars for your wedding day, then go and search for it. Well, it is better to consult with your partner which type of car should be for the wedding day. 

Quality control

The quality of a wedding car matters a lot. Your joy journey should not be declined with a lousy car experience. Even all car rental companies ensure that the vehicle will run smoothly without any disturbance throughout the way. However, it’s totally up to you to take all safety measures that the vehicle will be well-maintained and immaculate. 

An Expert Driver

So you have decided about your car; however, here is another thing that you should take into account. Choose whether you will drive your car or any other person. Much luxury rent car services providing companies offer chauffeur to drive your car on your big day. You can ask about it with rental companies about his dress and other necessary instruction. Chauffeurs have a lot of driving cars experience, and they know how to negotiate traffic that you may don’t know. By hiring a chauffeur will save your time as well as your energy.

Contracts & Agreements

Before you choose car rental services, make sure you have gone through all contracts and agreements. Reading contracts and agreements with full attention better and save you from a lot of headaches. Look closely into everting like the refund policy and security deposit. It is always advisable to go with a person who is an expert in these matters. In this way, you can save your precious time together with money.

Why You Should Seek Luxury Rent A Car Services from Askari Cars

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10 Tips and increase fuel average consumption of your car

Buying car is easy but maintaining it expensive day by day for economy class. The car has great importance in our life that has become a fundamental necessity in our modern life. All we know, the fuel prices in Pakistan and worldwide are increasing day by day. There is no doubt that it has become a global problem, and a common man can’t afford such high fuel prices. However, with the experts’ help, we have gathered some tips to increase fuel average consumption of your car. We assure you by following these tips; your car would run smoothly in your budget fuel.

Average Fuel Consumption of Cars 

Average fuel consumption is the measurement of fuel required to travel a car for 100km (L/100Km). The average consumption of fuel for cars in 1978 was 17 mpg (13.8L/100Km). However, in 1982 it improved up to 22 mpg (10.7L/100Km). New 2019 model cars in the USA have average fuel consumption range up to 12 to 56 mpg (20 to 4.2 L/100 km).

“An outstanding efficiency of fuel for cars is 5 to 8 liters per 100Km. The average fuel efficiency is 8 to 10 liters per 100Km. More than 12 liters per 100Km is considered poor fuel efficiency that is harmful for your car.”

The diesel cars require 1 Litter to travel 16.5Km. With the improvement of technology and scientific research, scientists are trying to increase fuel average consumption and the less emission of CO2 in the environment with the same amount of transport activity.

Top 10 Tips to Increase Fuel Average Consumption of Your Car

In this fast and furious life, a car is not used for travelling, but it reflects the personality that let people judge your status. According to research, the average time spent in a car by a man is 101 minutes. Fuel consumption is a phenomenon because it is vital to propel a vehicle; however, it becomes a matter of concern when your car starts consuming more fuel than it used to consume.

Here are some tips to increase the average fuel consumption

Repair Faulty Engine

According to an expert car mechanic, if your car’s engine is not properly maintained and tuned, it starts consuming more fuel. This process will lead to a decline in your car’s engine fuel efficiency. So for increasing average fuel consumption, get your car’s faulty engine repaired as soon as possible. 

Don’t use Air Condition (AC) unless you really want

It is always recommended by experts that don’t use AC unless you really want. The reason is that AC needs engine power that increases fuel consumption. 

Check your tire pressure

Checking your tire pressure once in a week is an excellent practice to increase your car’s fuel average consumption. It is noted that under-inflated tires always burn more fuel. 

Drive in the highest gear possible

Driving in the highest gear possible is also good to save fuel. For example, if you’re driving at 60Km/h in the third gear, your car would consume 25% more fuel than it would in fifth gear. 

Drive steadily to improve fuel consumption

If you’re really concerned about the high fuel consumption, then try to drive steadily. Speeding up abruptly or slowing down can consume a lot of fuel. 

Keep your gas or petrol cap fully sealed

The gas cap contains a rubber that prevents air from entering the fuel tank. However, unfortunately, with the passage of time, this rubber seal degrades that results in the leakage of fuel. 

Always use the recommended fuel type

If you’re concerned about to increase fuel average consumption of your car, then always use the recommended fuel type of your car.

Make sure the regular maintenance of your car

Regular maintenance and service decrease your car’s fuel consumption, but it also increases the life span of your car. 

Avoid rough roads

Rough roads have more resistance that results in more consumption of fuel. If you’re planning on a tour, always keep in mind that you choose a safe and healthy road for your drive.

Remove excess weight from your car

If fuel consumption is an excellent matter for you, then remove extra unnecessary things from your car. For this process, remove the roof track and dispose of the rubbish. Remove other extra things like playing items, toys, bags, and any other thing that you think unnecessary.

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