How To Select Luxury Rent A Car For Your Memorable Wedding

A wedding is one of the memorable, pleasurable and most important and days of a person’s life. It is the beginning of the family and long life commitment. Every couple wants to make their wedding special, memorable, and full of fun. In this occurring, the importance of a wedding car can’t be denied. If you’re looking for luxury rent a car for your big day, then you’re at the right place. We at Askari Cars almost deal in all types of vehicles to our valuable customers. 

Significance of car for every bride

A wedding day is the most beautiful day in someone’s life. Everyone wants their wedding day should be memorable for years to come. No one wants their wedding day as a dull and tiresome day. That’s why everyone tries a lot to make it happy and full of fun. The wedding car’s role in the personality of the groom can’t be denied. A luxury rent car services providing company provides a vast range of vehicles like TOYOTA, CIVIC, BMW, MERCEDES, and much more. 

What measures do you need to take selecting luxury rent a car? 

When selecting a luxury rent a car, there are a lot of factors. The quality of a car matters a lot. No one wants any disturbance during their way due to the vehicle. So the car rental services should be flawless. 

Here are some factors that you should consider for selecting rent a car for your wedding. 

Choice of wedding car

After deciding venues and other accommodations, searching for car rental services might be hectic. Before planning, you move towards car rental services providers and finalize your car choice for your big day. For example, if you want a vintage car or classic car, then look for vintage car rental services providers. But if you wish to modern luxury cars for your wedding day, then go and search for it. Well, it is better to consult with your partner which type of car should be for the wedding day. 

Quality control

The quality of a wedding car matters a lot. Your joy journey should not be declined with a lousy car experience. Even all car rental companies ensure that the vehicle will run smoothly without any disturbance throughout the way. However, it’s totally up to you to take all safety measures that the vehicle will be well-maintained and immaculate. 

An Expert Driver

So you have decided about your car; however, here is another thing that you should take into account. Choose whether you will drive your car or any other person. Much luxury rent car services providing companies offer chauffeur to drive your car on your big day. You can ask about it with rental companies about his dress and other necessary instruction. Chauffeurs have a lot of driving cars experience, and they know how to negotiate traffic that you may don’t know. By hiring a chauffeur will save your time as well as your energy.

Contracts & Agreements

Before you choose car rental services, make sure you have gone through all contracts and agreements. Reading contracts and agreements with full attention better and save you from a lot of headaches. Look closely into everting like the refund policy and security deposit. It is always advisable to go with a person who is an expert in these matters. In this way, you can save your precious time together with money.

Why You Should Seek Luxury Rent A Car Services from Askari Cars

Askari Cars is one of the renowned and leading luxury car rental companies in Pakistan. Having to experience more than 14 years, they are committed to providing excellent Luxury Rent A Car Lahore Services to its valuable customers with great pride. 

Their variety of services include Daily Rental, Weekly and Monthly Rental, Pick and Drop services, Car Leisure services, and much more. With our luxury car rental services, we are sure you will have the best car rental experience. 

For us, customer’s pleasure and healthiness are most important. That’s why we serve our clients with three layers of safety. First, we always sanitize our cars after every ride. Second, all our vehicles are equipped with high-quality sanitizers. Third, our chauffeurs wear masks and gloves to make sure protection from coronavirus.  

10 Tips and increase fuel average consumption of your car

Buying car is easy but maintaining it expensive day by day for economy class. The car has great importance in our life that has become a fundamental necessity in our modern life. All we know, the fuel prices in Pakistan and worldwide are increasing day by day. There is no doubt that it has become a global problem, and a common man can’t afford such high fuel prices. However, with the experts’ help, we have gathered some tips to increase fuel average consumption of your car. We assure you by following these tips; your car would run smoothly in your budget fuel.

Average Fuel Consumption of Cars 

Average fuel consumption is the measurement of fuel required to travel a car for 100km (L/100Km). The average consumption of fuel for cars in 1978 was 17 mpg (13.8L/100Km). However, in 1982 it improved up to 22 mpg (10.7L/100Km). New 2019 model cars in the USA have average fuel consumption range up to 12 to 56 mpg (20 to 4.2 L/100 km).

“An outstanding efficiency of fuel for cars is 5 to 8 liters per 100Km. The average fuel efficiency is 8 to 10 liters per 100Km. More than 12 liters per 100Km is considered poor fuel efficiency that is harmful for your car.”

The diesel cars require 1 Litter to travel 16.5Km. With the improvement of technology and scientific research, scientists are trying to increase fuel average consumption and the less emission of CO2 in the environment with the same amount of transport activity.

Top 10 Tips to Increase Fuel Average Consumption of Your Car

In this fast and furious life, a car is not used for travelling, but it reflects the personality that let people judge your status. According to research, the average time spent in a car by a man is 101 minutes. Fuel consumption is a phenomenon because it is vital to propel a vehicle; however, it becomes a matter of concern when your car starts consuming more fuel than it used to consume.

Here are some tips to increase the average fuel consumption

Repair Faulty Engine

According to an expert car mechanic, if your car’s engine is not properly maintained and tuned, it starts consuming more fuel. This process will lead to a decline in your car’s engine fuel efficiency. So for increasing average fuel consumption, get your car’s faulty engine repaired as soon as possible. 

Don’t use Air Condition (AC) unless you really want

It is always recommended by experts that don’t use AC unless you really want. The reason is that AC needs engine power that increases fuel consumption. 

Check your tire pressure

Checking your tire pressure once in a week is an excellent practice to increase your car’s fuel average consumption. It is noted that under-inflated tires always burn more fuel. 

Drive in the highest gear possible

Driving in the highest gear possible is also good to save fuel. For example, if you’re driving at 60Km/h in the third gear, your car would consume 25% more fuel than it would in fifth gear. 

Drive steadily to improve fuel consumption

If you’re really concerned about the high fuel consumption, then try to drive steadily. Speeding up abruptly or slowing down can consume a lot of fuel. 

Keep your gas or petrol cap fully sealed

The gas cap contains a rubber that prevents air from entering the fuel tank. However, unfortunately, with the passage of time, this rubber seal degrades that results in the leakage of fuel. 

Always use the recommended fuel type

If you’re concerned about to increase fuel average consumption of your car, then always use the recommended fuel type of your car.

Make sure the regular maintenance of your car

Regular maintenance and service decrease your car’s fuel consumption, but it also increases the life span of your car. 

Avoid rough roads

Rough roads have more resistance that results in more consumption of fuel. If you’re planning on a tour, always keep in mind that you choose a safe and healthy road for your drive.

Remove excess weight from your car

If fuel consumption is an excellent matter for you, then remove extra unnecessary things from your car. For this process, remove the roof track and dispose of the rubbish. Remove other extra things like playing items, toys, bags, and any other thing that you think unnecessary.

Askari rent a car maintain its cars and follow all measures to provide economical travelling solution to its customers.

5 Most important Car rental tips for your cheap travelling

Those who did not take rent a car service before, they hesitate to take rent a car service. It is observed that people has fear of loss, people comment that car rental is stressful and our friends share their bad experience with us that’s why we have confusions regarding rent a car service.  In this article we pin down this issue that car rental is not expensive and will not end up with loss if take it with properly with reading all guidelines. If you follow mentioned guide line and car rental tips, we assure that your car rental experience will end up with profit and you will be able to argue those who create a loss in car rental arrangements and agreements.

1) Make your booking in advance and get discount

The first car rental tip is,Like your other travelling arrangements for example ticket booking, Hotel booking, save your money by book rent a car in advance and get discount. It seems that people book their rent a car 1 day before and they deprived from discount offers. When you book car on time especially when you arrive at airport then car rent company will offer you only available cars at that time. Economical/quality cars peoples reserve in advance.

2) Confirm Duty timing and One-day Start and end timing with driver

the second most important car rental tip Read terms regarding driver duty timing, overtime charges, Night allowance (if vehicle return late night), at what time a day starts and at what time a day ends to avoid extra time or day charges. Normally rent a car companies in Lahore offer duty Timing 12 Hr, in Karachi 10 Hrs and their one day close at 12:00 mid night. Askari rent a car charge Half day charges if a car closes before 06:00 am and after 12:00 mid night.

3) How many km are allowed?

You need to know how many km you are allowed for your travel and what are the extra charges if you exceed your allowed limit. Askari rent a car offers unlimited Km within city travel, for outstation they charge Rs 1.5 per km extra.

4) Fuel Policy and hidden charges

Read carefully fuel policy, we recommending you get the full fuel tank and return vehicle with full of fuel tank that will be economical to you. If you do not select full fuel tank policy, then Car rental company will charge you on per km basis or some time they will charge with you as vehicle refueling charges. And get the declaration from car rental companies that there will not any hidden charges.

5) Driver outstation allowance and night allowance

The last car rental tip is If you have any outstation travelling in your plans select rent a car which has multiple offices in different cities that will save driver outstation residence charges. Askari rent a car has its one office in Islamabad and two offices in Lahore Pakistan. Read all outstation allowance and night charges that will help you to keep you in budget.

Choose rent a car and enjoy rent a car benefits than lease or buy

Do you want to change car whenever you want without paying any extra cost? Do you want to have latest model of car in your garage? Do you want different luxury cars rides? Taking rent a car service can full fill all your dreams by pay only when you use car.

In these days’ car rental companies offer different type of vehicles for short or long term period at rent. Here we are going to explain some benefits and situations which lead to the decision of take rent a car.

A) Cost Beneficial

When you rent a car you save two cost Depreciation cost and finance cost, corporations enjoy the tax saving when the use car rental by expense out car rental charges from, these cost benefit is not available when you lease car or buy car

B) Save maintenance cost

Vehicle maintenance is the responsibility of car rental company when you take car rental service you are free from maintenance of car and save your time and costs like tire changing cost, Annual vehicle inspection cost, vehicle tuning cost e.t.c

C) Tax cost saving

When you own car you have to pay annual tax token charges, annual tax token charges vary on Horsepower. When you take car rental service paying annual token charges will be responsibility of car rental company.

D) Save parking cost

In these days finding parking space is difficult specially if you live in congested area, parking companies charge high price to provide you parking space. When you rent a car you can return car same day to car rental company and save your parking cost

E) Save driver cost

Car rent companies will quote you same price if you take car with driver or without drive, the reason for same price is risk involved in self driver service, it means you need not to hire extra driver and save your driver cost and get car rent service with driver.

F) Easy booking

You can book your car online and you not need to visit place to pick car for example visit askari rent a car website and select your car which you want and make booking, askari cars team will send car at your door step.

G) Get different benefits from car rental company

Car rent companies give different discount like free rental days, different offers to its loyal customers you can enjoy these benefits when you select rent a car and get membership.

H) Get car in different city

Askari rent a car has their offices in different cities of Pakistan, if you are travelling by air from Karachi and looking for rent a car Islamabad, askari car rental will provide you car at Islamabad at same price. You can take airport pick and drop service from rent a car company.

I) Enjoy long period car rental benefits

When you hire car for long period car rental companies offer discounted rates for long period rentals.