Choose rent a car and enjoy rent a car benefits than lease or buy

Do you want to change car whenever you want without paying any extra cost? Do you want to have latest model of car in your garage? Do you want different luxury cars rides? Taking rent a car service can full fill all your dreams by pay only when you use car.

In these days’ car rental companies offer different type of vehicles for short or long term period at rent. Here we are going to explain some benefits and situations which lead to the decision of take rent a car.

A) Cost Beneficial

When you rent a car you save two cost Depreciation cost and finance cost, corporations enjoy the tax saving when the use car rental by expense out car rental charges from, these cost benefit is not available when you lease car or buy car

B) Save maintenance cost

Vehicle maintenance is the responsibility of car rental company when you take car rental service you are free from maintenance of car and save your time and costs like tire changing cost, Annual vehicle inspection cost, vehicle tuning cost e.t.c

C) Tax cost saving

When you own car you have to pay annual tax token charges, annual tax token charges vary on Horsepower. When you take car rental service paying annual token charges will be responsibility of car rental company.

D) Save parking cost

In these days finding parking space is difficult specially if you live in congested area, parking companies charge high price to provide you parking space. When you rent a car you can return car same day to car rental company and save your parking cost

E) Save driver cost

Car rent companies will quote you same price if you take car with driver or without drive, the reason for same price is risk involved in self driver service, it means you need not to hire extra driver and save your driver cost and get car rent service with driver.

F) Easy booking

You can book your car online and you not need to visit place to pick car for example visit askari rent a car website and select your car which you want and make booking, askari cars team will send car at your door step.

G) Get different benefits from car rental company

Car rent companies give different discount like free rental days, different offers to its loyal customers you can enjoy these benefits when you select rent a car and get membership.

H) Get car in different city

Askari rent a car has their offices in different cities of Pakistan, if you are travelling by air from Karachi and looking for rent a car Islamabad, askari car rental will provide you car at Islamabad at same price. You can take airport pick and drop service from rent a car company.

I) Enjoy long period car rental benefits

When you hire car for long period car rental companies offer discounted rates for long period rentals.

Luxury rent a car for your special wedding event

Points to know before luxury rent a car for your special wedding event

a wedding is a special day for couple and their desire is to make each moment memorable, people hire best photographer, best marriage hall, best singer for their mehndi, and try to give best food to people. Between mentioned special things having a luxury car for wedding is one of the important thing which make your event memorable. Not everyone has luxury car, rent a luxury car is one of the option which provides you the opportunity to select from range of luxury brands and range of different type of vehicles for your special wedding event. Following points, you need to know before hiring luxury car

Make Booking in advance

For wedding people make all their arrangements in advance for example they book hall in advance, give order to catering company in advance, etc. same like these different arrangements you need to book your luxury rent a car in advance from askari rent a car luxury vehicle fleet.

Decide Extra Hours

Car rental companies provides luxury cars for wedding event for some hours like for 4 hrs function and they charge from you according to number of hrs you use. So it is important to clear and take the written consent in your advance payment receipt about the allowed hrs and flexibility in hrs and extra charges if you use vehicle for extra hrs.

Car Decoration

After receiving number of query we conclude that people consider car decoration will be responsibility of car rental company and car decoration charges included in mentioned quoted price, this is not true. Car decoration service not provide by car rental company client required to take car to vehicle wedding planner for decoration.

Select best car rental company for luxury rent a car

People many time complain that car rental companies don’t provide same luxury vehicle which they agreed at the time of booking and they send other vehicle at the wedding date and at this date we don’t have any other option to select this not agreed car. make sure with selecting luxury car you need to consider other point that is select credible car rental company so that the things go smoothly and they don’t disturb your wedding event. Askari rent a car is a car rental company serving car rental industry of Pakistan since year 1995 and they serve large number corporate and individual clients

How to buy a new car

It Is common human behavior when someone got a big amount either from business or from any other source the first desire come to his mind that first of all I will buy a best car. In this article we are going to explain steps how to buy a new car, for buying old car the procedure will be different so in this post our focus is to mention steps how to buy new cars.

  1. Define your requirement

To avoided repent after buying you need to define your requirements and make a list of all your requirements which you want in a new car, here is the example list of requirements

  1. 4*4 Car: if you live in hill station then 4*4 car will be suitable to you.
  2. Small Car: if you are single person or couple then you may choose a small car.
  3. Having Kids/Family: if you have family and kids then you will look for some large car or SUV/Minivan
  4. Gass/Petrol: if you have tight budget and want car most economical car, then you will definitely consider car at CNG.
  5. What is your available budget?

2. What is your available budget

The second step of how to buy a new car is define your budget, which is most important and required detail calculations and data. Buying a car generate a regular expense, it means when you buy a new car, you need allocate a separate budget for your car running and maintenance from your monthly income. Expert says that your car monthly budget should not more than 15% of your total net income. For example, if your regular income is Rs 100000 then your car total expense should be Rs 15000 per month. Maintenance cost of new car is too miner at start so you need to consider only running cost. You need to define how many km you travel in a month and define how much fuel economical car you should to select which cover your budget.

3. Select Cars which have resale value

Before buying a new car you need to make a detail analysis and get detail information about cars and brands which has resale value this is one of the important point of how to buy a new car, because when you sale this car in future you will not lose your money and will add little amount in it to but brand new car.

4. Read reviews and ask from car owners

When you shortlist few cars by considering your required specifications, budget and resale value the next step is to read reviews about short listed cars and ask from car owners about their experience about particular car so you can reach to your final decision, you can ask question in forums when you making a research of how to buy a new car.

5. Contact with dealer

When you select your car which you want to buy then get quote from different car dealers and compare discount and different offers which offering buy car dealer to buy new car. This was the final step and place your order by following requirements of car dealers.