Top 10 Hotels in Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, the second-largest city in Pakistan, has plenty of hotels to choose from and different places to stay while on vacation or business trips. Whether you want to stay downtown, in the cantonment area, in Gulberg or somewhere else, you’ll find your options listed below.

1) Pearl Continental Hotel

As one of the top 10 hotels in Lahore, Pearl Continental Hotel is a five-star hotel situated at The Mall Road. It was built by Mian Muhammad Sharif and inaugurated on April 28, 1963. With its over 30 years of experience as one of the top 10 hotels in Lahore, Pearl Continental Hotel offers its patrons an ambience of understated luxury. Its facilities include three restaurants (the Oak Room Restaurant serves traditional Pakistani food), swimming pool and tennis courts.

2) Marriot Hotel

The Marriott Hotel is located at Kalma Chowk and serves as a major attraction for both tourists and businessmen alike. The hotel offers top-notch amenities and an amazing ambience that make it one of our favourite hotels in all of Lahore. Our room was clean and well maintained with a beautiful view overlooking the city. One thing that we noticed right away was how friendly all of their staff were to us; there were several other hotels offering similar accommodations but none seemed to have such a stellar team on staff.

3) Ramada Hotel

The Ramada Hotel is located near several shopping malls and business districts. If you’re looking for a comfortable stay with many amenities nearby, check out the Ramada Hotel in Lahore. This top-rated hotel features cable television and wireless Internet. 

For those who want to exercise while travelling, visit the gym on-site at Ramada Hotel. You can also purchase groceries at their convenience store or enjoy room service. The staff members at Ramada Hotel are committed to ensuring that your stay is enjoyable and memorable.


4) Regent Plaza Hotel

This is one of the most popular hotels in Lahore which has three stars and is located on Lawrence road opposite to railway station. It is also very close to Badshahi Mosque. This hotel has a large parking space and 24-hour electricity with Wi-Fi. The bathrooms are very well-kept and beautifully decorated. However, do not expect amazing food as it was quite below average however there are many restaurants nearby which serve delicious food.

5) The City Club

The City Club located on Shahrah-e-Quaid-Azam is one of the most important hotels in Lahore. It is a hotel with excellent facilities for both business and leisure travellers. The hotel features 58 rooms and suites that are fitted with air conditioning, satellite television and internet access. The restaurant serves regional cuisine from across Pakistan as well as Indian dishes from Punjab. The lobby lounge has Internet access.

6) Pearl Continental Apartments

Pearl Continental Apartments is located on Jail Road, near Liberty Market. Featuring a rooftop swimming pool and a fitness centre, it offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi. Each room at Pearl Continental has a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The bathroom features a bath or shower and 24-hour hot water. A restaurant serving Punjabi food is available, as well as an Indian bar, open to guests over 18 years old only.

7) Marriott Suites

Marriott’s Suites brand has hit a home run with its one and two-bedroom suites. With a lounge area and plenty of room to stretch out, you can stay at Marriott Suites for an extended period of time without getting cabin fever. Rooms come equipped with fully-equipped kitchens including stoves, ovens, microwaves and full refrigerators. Business travellers will also appreciate their many meeting rooms. 

8) Chen One Residency Lahore

Chen One Residency is one of the top hotels in all of Lahore. Featuring an ideal location along Jinnah Avenue, it’s just a short walk from Gulberg and Anarkali Bazaar. A modern take on Asian design styles and friendly service are hallmarks of Chen One Residency. The guest rooms feature flat-screen TVs and en suite bathrooms with showers or tubs. Some also have views of Signal Hill Park or nearby mountains. A buffet breakfast is served daily at Chen One Residency’s restaurant.

9) Iqbal Town Residency Hotel

Iqbal Town Residency Hotel is situated on Main Boulevard in central Iqbal Town. The property is a 5-minute walk from the University of Engineering and Technology. Each room has a private bathroom with free toiletries and towels. Air conditioning is available at extra charge. A TV and ceiling fan are provided in each room at Iqbal Town Residency Hotel. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout. Guests can take advantage of tour assistance offered by hotel staff before venturing out to visit historic sites nearby.

10) Al-Karam Rest House

Located on Jail Road, Al-Karam Rest House is one of the top hotels in Lahore. A complimentary breakfast is provided to all guests. Located nearby famous attractions like Shalimar Gardens and Alamgiri Gate. Al-Karam Rest House provides tourists with a warm welcome and professional service at affordable prices. The hotel has a restaurant that serves delicious Punjabi cuisine daily. Guest rooms are spacious and well-furnished offering excellent value for money.

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Top Five Reasons Why One Should Rent A Car

While renting a car may seem like a good idea, it is better to rent one before you actually go on a trip. This is because it saves you from paying for the extra baggage of owning a car at your destination. Also, if you find yourself stranded in an airport and unable to use public transportation or taxis, renting a car becomes your only option. You’ll be able to reach your destination without any hassles or worries. 

If you are planning to rent a car, make sure you check out our blog post on the top 5 reasons why one should rent a car. It has some good points about why renting a car is the best option for your needs. However, this is just a brief overview of the topic; do let us know if we can add more in the comments below!

Here is the list of top 5 reasons to rent a car

A car is a necessity in our modern lifestyle. It helps us move around, drive to work, and save on the cost of owning a vehicle. But many people find it hard to get their hands on one because they simply don’t have enough money to buy one. That’s why we’re here!

Why do you need a car? Renting a car makes life easier and saves you money. Here are the reasons why renting a car is more convenient than owning one.

1) Freedom of parking

Owning a car means you have to pay for extra space in your driveway. The cost of parking is constantly rising, especially at prestigious corporate places. However, with rental cars, you always have a spot reserved, no matter where you are. This can be a lifesaver if you have to stay at a hotel for an extended period of time.  

2) Freedom from traffic

Owning a car means you have to endure long waits at traffic lights or in line at the grocery store. Stress due to traffic problems prevents many people from concentrating on their activities. On the other side, with rental cars, you can usually reach your destination quickly avoiding traffic issues. A professional chauffeur will whisk you away from traffic jams and get you to your destination on time.

3) Freedom of maintenance cost

The cost of car maintenance can wreak havoc on your budget. Owning a car means you have to take it to a garage or mechanics office to get it serviced. With rental cars, you always know who is coming and going and the cost of servicing your car is usually much lower than owning one.

4) A huge variety of cars 

Owning a car means you have to find a specific make and model of car. With rental cars, there are literally thousands of cars to choose from. And there are also many rental car agencies that can provide rentals around the city at affordable prices. Depending on your budget and availability time in that city, you can choose one.

5) Enjoy a new car ride

People who feel the rush of riding a brand new vehicle have their own craze. Owning a car means you have the same car available every day. Many people get bored driving the same car every day. In contrast, when you rent a car, you can often enjoy a new ride without having to wait. Your budget and requirements can determine which car model works best for your needs. 


Importantly, when searching for cars for rent, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. These include checking the vehicle age and condition, finding out if there are any hidden fees associated with your rental agreement, and comparing rates with other companies in your area or online.

Blog Conclusion

Renting a car is one of the most convenient ways to travel around the city, especially if you don’t have the budget for buying a new car. Moreover, if you’re new to the city, renting a car can be quite a hassle. However, if you plan well, it’s easy to get your own set of wheels and explore the city. In short, renting a car has various benefits for you.

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Explore the Hidden Beauty Of Balochistan, Pakistan

Pakistan is considered as the most looked-for destination for tourists to explore the beauty of the land and defined it as “Heaven on Earth” with the spellbinding beauty of Pakistan and the tales of history. The province of Balochistan is full of breathtaking locations which will make tourists fall in love.

It is the largest province in terms of area but has less population as compared to others. Its natural resources like coal, oil, and other metals are main sources of its economy. Here we shed light on magnificent and historical places of what Balochistan has.

Hingol National Park 

Along Makran Coastal Highway, you will see the beautiful and majestic Hingol National Park. This place has become a tourist destination in Balochistan owing to its natural beauty. Tropical mountains, rare and exotic animals including the Markhor and several other deer families, surrounded by shallow blue waters. 

Kund Malir Beach 

This area is part of Hingol National Park, where the People of Karachi and Gwadar generally visit on weekends. If we talk about Kund Malir beach, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Pakistan also in the world. You can see the top mountains beautiful blue water, sea, and desserts. 

 Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa 

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa is an inexperienced cover that runs a rill of crystal water fed by a sparkling spring under a huge lump of peroxided stone. Insufficient water in the stream allows the spring to pool and run off into the pool. The oasis stands as a natural habitat among desert plains and a mythical figure to follow. Pir Chattal had a reputation that whoever caught or ate a fish of his would either die of poisoning or the fish would come out of your mouth alive. In short, this myth is a huge tourist magnetism of Balochistan.

Jhal Magsi 

Generally, Jhal Magsi is a well-known for its desert safari and the annually desert rally caters to massive crowds and organizers every year. The desert-like plains of Jhal Magsi offer the best path in Pakistan for people who like off-road. Certainly, it is one of Pakistan’s top tourist attraction.


Moola Chook 

There is a widespread misconception that Balochistan is purely a dry and barren piece of land, but visiting Moola Chutok will change this perception forever.  Moola Chotok valley is sheltered with the mountain, salt mines, lakes, and waterfalls. If we talk about the most beautiful tourist spots in Balochistan, without mentioning the Moola Chutok oasis in Khuzdar district, the list will be incomplete. The scenic sight of plants drenching in fresh and clean water coming down in the form of gorgeous waterfalls from mountains is pretty relaxing

Pir Ghaib Waterfalls

Located in the Bolan Valley, Pir Ghaib Waterfall is about 70 kilometers from Quetta. This is a beautiful lake with lush greenery cold and clean water. Pir Ghaib is the most attractive tourist attraction in Balochistan. Accordingly, Balochi people believe in the story of an Invisible pious man who was saved by GOD After a cruel king’s team attacked him.

Wadi Bolan 

A mountain pass traversing Balochistan, the Wadi Bolan traverses Toba Kakar Range. The view of Wadi Bolan is awesomely attractive with blue cold water, brown mid, and Mountains. Balochistan’s Wadi Bolan can be considered as the top historical place because of its ancient look. By the way, British established the First Railway system of Pakistan in this place.

Hanna Lake 

A lake called Hanna Lake is located in the Urak Valley near Quetta city in Balochistan. In summer it is a beautiful place to visit with family and friends because this is a calm place. This part of the world creates a beautiful scene with the mountains on top. Hanna Lake is the main milestone of Quetta. This historical lake was formed due to the construction of the reservoir in the British colonial era. An amazing place to picnic at Hanna Lake is a lakeside restaurant with shade from pine trees.

Quaid-e-Azam Residency 

Quaid-e-Azam Residency is situated in Ziarat, Balochistan. That is where Father of our Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah spent his final days. There is lush foliage in and around this residence, palm trees, and beautiful flowers. In 1892 during British Raj, its construction started. Above all, now it has become a national heritage site where thousands of people come to see it.

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