Most Expensive Car Rental Mistakes

Before the arrival of summer/Winter many people start planning of spending summer/Winter vacation, now the winter holidays are near to come. Whether you are planning to spend winter holiday within Pakistan or outside the Pakistan avoid major car hiring mistakes which most people do due to lack of car hiring experience. whether you are finding rent a car in lahore or finding rent a car in islamabad following measures will help you to take good decision.

  1. Not Get the complete Price from car rental company

Car rental companies offer attractive price to gain customers and when you get service they include different type of service cost in final invoice. For example they may include cost for example Chield Seat Charges,Extra Millage Travel Charges,Car Insurance Charges e.t.c So be careful and get the full price without any hidden cost from car rental company.

  • Not Carefully read car rental contrack

I see many people they hesitate to ask questions while they hiring car. You need to read carefully car rental contract and read company policy about fuel,Insurance,Drvier,breakdown policy all terms and conditions should be clear to you otherwise it cause problem for you when you will be going to pay final bill or may disturb you during your holiday Trip

  • Not get Car Rental Damage Checklist

Make the video of car with Car Rental company Representative and get the Damages Check list from car rental company representative person with signatures and time and spot of handover and when you return car then handover car to car rental representative by given damaged checklists, in this case the car rental company cannot place unnecessary damages on you and no any dispute will arise between you and car rental company

  • Not Tell your area of Travel in Advance

Tell in written the area of your travelling. For Example, if you plan to spend your summer holiday in Muree then tell everything that you will go to which place in muree, Car Rental companies charges extra charges if you move to Natiagali or abotabad. Car rental companies installed trackers in their vehicle so tell them in advance the area of your travel otherwise your vehicle will automatically lock at the road if you exceed decided area limit that may cause any accident with your vehicle and it will waste your time to reopen vehicle.

  • Not Check Vehicle Tire Quality check report

Travelling with bad condition tires is your life risk, when taking vehicle at rent check all rented vehicle documents from car rental company specially vehicle tire quality check report. That report contains the information like the Total life of tire, Km travelled, how much km allowed.

Not See Available offices of car rental company in Different localtions

when you have to move different areas of pakistan like you coming from abroad and you have to visit Like Faisalabad,Gujrat,Multan,Islamabad and you take one cab at rent from lahore to visit all major cities of pakistan so in case of any break down of vehicle what would be alternative support provide by car renatl company? if your selected car rental company has offices in different cities of pakistan then the will quickly replace your vehicle other wise you have to face problem of delay in getting support service

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