When you can get cheap rent a car in Pakistan?

The most famous Economic principle is ‘’demand and supply conditions decides the price of a product or service”. If the demand of a particular product or service is high and supply is short, it will definitely lead to increase the price of a product or service. Same economical principle applies to car rental industry.

Small cities and Major Cities

Major cities like Lahore/Karachi/Islamabad People comes from abroad and from different small cities for their business and other purposes and they demand of a best transport for their movement in the city, there for the demand of rent a car service is high in these cities. That is the reason of High prices of rent a car in major cities.

Toyota Corolla GLI car rent rate in Lahore Pakistan is Rs 3500 per day normally, and same car you can get in small city like Sialkot Pakistan or Sahiwal Pakistan at Rs 2500 Per day. Small cities provide rent a car 30% cheaper then rent a car service in major cities. Second reason of high rates of rent a car companies in major cities is there overhead expenses.

At some Events and Moments

Following are seasonal time period in which peoples travelling, movement and spending increases.

  • Wedding Season from (December to March) 4 month
  • During Eid Holidays
  • Azadi Day
  • Summer vacations (Jun-August) 3 Month

As the people travelling and movement increases it increase the demand of rent a car that leads to increase the prices of rent a car. During mentioned seasonal periods the rates of rent a car service is high and in these days everyone wants good quality of car.

Type of vehicle

Wedding season put a large impact on rent prices of luxury vehicles. Specially during wedding season of 4 Month Luxury Vehicles rent prices increases by 50% to 70%. Toyota Prado which is available in normal day at rent for local use at Rs 12000 per day, same vehicle prices jump in wedding season to Rs 19000 per day.

During summer season people demand Hi-ace vans, 4*4 vehicles, Toyota Coasters for their family trip to northern areas of Pakistan, so during this summer season prices of these type of vehicles increases by 10% to 25%.

Prices of Economical vehicles like Toyota Corolla gli or Honda civic or wagoner take a small portion of increase by 10% to 15% during seasonal time period. The reason behind small increase in price of these vehicles is their supply. Due to small capital cost the supply of economical vehicle Is high and seasonal increase in demand put a small impact on their prices.

How you can get cheap rent a car

if you have a demand of rent a car on regularly basis we suggest you to make an agreement with best car rental company then any fluctuation in price due to season will not impact on your agreed prices.

Book your rent a car in advance at least one to three month before and pay some advance amount to car rental company it is the best way to get cheap rent a car in Pakistan. Organized you’re travelling arrangements during other than seasonal time period if possible in this way you can get cheap rent a car in Pakistan.

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